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About Us

Arsam Energy Pars company is active in engineering and procurement of oil and gas, hydro power and some other industries.
Our activity started in 1974 in Arsam mother company “Allin”. Firstly we worked as an EPC contractor in hydro power systems and dam constructions. From nearly 20 years ago we changed our main scope of activity to only engineering and procurement of that industry. 
During last 10 years we entered oil and gas industries and its related projects such as up-stream and down-stream projects. Our experiments are mostly in procurement and supplying products for petrochemicals and refineries in their construction level. However, we worked in spare part supplying projects, either. 
This involvement includes cooperation with most reputable European manufacturer as their exclusive agent and distributer in Iran market such as many Swiss, German or British companies. Their main products are instrumentation valves and rotary equipment. Besides that, we work with other manufacturers with different scope of products but still related to the mentioned industries. 
From 2009, Arsam was founded to focus on Oil and Gas market in Iran more. In Arsam we work with some joint venture companies to fulfill our clients` requirements in engineering and construction projects. In this regard we have a qualified engineering team who is able to support different disciplines of a project such as civil, process, mechanic and …. . With this relation we are able to manufacture some packages in refinery and petrochemical units. About construction we cooperate with a capable group of companies with more than 30 years’ experience in power generation and oil and gas industries. 
During these years we cooperate with almost every reputable end users in Iran and supply many different products in their projects, like south pars gas field phases from 12 to 24 for P.O.G.C. and so on.