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Other Products

Besides Hydro Power and Oil and Gas industries we are active in other industries such as Mining, Metal production, food and beverage and so on.

Our products for Safety provision and operation simplification such as Interlock Systems and Portable actuators are categorized in this section. We provide these kinds of products from Smith Flow Control UK in Iran Market as their exclusive agent for this region.

Besides that, Hazardous Area Certified Products are one of new products. Our goals in this field are to introduce new technologies and safer products such as explosion proof lightings and telecommunications devices. Explosion proof Lighting is one of our main supplying products, which we are able to provide it from first class British manufacturers.

Cooperation with a Spanish producer named “Concentrol” for chemical products is one of our other new activities in Iran oil and gas industries, too. Our cooperation is limited to introduce two of their products. One is “Demulsifier” which we present that in upstream industries and the other is “Romyl” which can reduce the viscosity of Diesel fuels and keep them from freezing in cold seasons and places.